Refund Policy

1. This policy sets out the returns policy for services purchased through the online store operated by Musicians Together Apart, a service of Online Impact Group LLC.

2. No Refunds are available at any time for any reason on any of the subscription services we provide. Any individuals or organizations that are not accepting of this policy should NOT purchase any of our subscription services.  

3. All Subscription services start immediately upon successful payment.  As a result, there is no period after purchase during which a refund is available for subscriptoin services.  Any individuals or organizations that are not accepting of this policy should NOT purchase any of our subscription services.  

4. All subscription services have a minimum charge of one month's time.  Cancellation before the monthly service renews will not change the amount charged nor will it result in any refund based on unused days during the billing cycle.

5. Given that refunds are not available on any of our subscription services, we offer a single-user loopback test server subscription in order to minimize the financial risk of starting a subscription and then learning that the customer's internet connection or his/her partner musicians' internet connections do not perform sufficiently well to utilize the JackTrip servers in a way that supports the needs for which the JackTrip server subscription was begun.

Individuals or organizations can choose to first utilize our single-user loopback test server subscription to test the performance of their Internet connection and utilize the same server subscription to test any and all partner musicians' Internet connection performance. We recommend purchasing this loopback test server subscription prior to investing in a higher-cost subscription, as a means of minimizing the amount of money spent on a subscription in the event that users of the JackTrip server subscription service have insufficient Internet connectivity to be able to utilize the JackTrip server subscription service for its intended purpose of supporting low latency, high audio quality collaboration between musicians..  With this loopback test subscription, customers and their musician partners can each do one-user loopback tests with their nearest JackTrip server to evaluate the audio quality obtainable using their Internet connection to connect to the JackTrip server.  

6. In the event a customer cancels one subscription plan and then starts a different subscription plan, either higher-priced or lower-priced, either immediately or at any time in the future, there is no prorating of unused time on the subscription plan that is cancelled.   Each subscription will be charged for one full month at a minimum, regardless of how long it was used by a customer or the customer's partner musicians.

7. Please note that all JackTrip server subscription services can only provide high performance audio connectivity when the Internet connectivity of each user in a session is operating with sufficient network performance to support the needs of low latency connections for audio data at 48 KHz, 16 bit samples.  Internet connectivity performance is affected by a very wide range of factors that can change at any time, and therefore any expectation of future performance of the JackTrip server subscription service for each customer and his/her partner musicians, based on initial testing with or without a loopback test server, cannot be guaranteed.

8. Consulting and support offerings are refundable only up until 24 hours before the first consultation event (call or video conference or email conversation) begins.  Any cancellations after the first consultation event are not refundable.